Black Project Hydro Flow-X Paddle


Meet the Hydro FlowX. The World’s First Three-Dimensionally Designed Paddle…


Featuring a completely reimagined design, the Hydro FlowX is a paddle unlike any other.

At first glance, your eyes will pop at the feature on the neck of the blade––an innovative new design that we call Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). It is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements.

Next, you’ll notice another major structural update––the Deep Power Scoop (DPS) on the blade face. Featuring a deep scoop design with dihedral edges, it delivers power in a controlled manner and works in harmony with our Advanced Flow Technology to create a first-of-its-kind, three-dimensional paddle design.

The combination of the flow technology and deep scoop produces a fluid paddle stroke which reduces energy usage while increasing forward thrust. The outcome is significantly less paddler fatigue – enabling you to paddle longer, faster and more often than ever before.

The 3D blade design concept enables water to flow more efficiently around the paddle by eliminating turbulence and unwanted fluid resistance, which in turn, allows the paddler to truly harness the power of the water and enhance the efficiency of their paddle stroke. Additionally, we increased the rake angle to a little over 9 degrees––compared to 8 degrees in the original Hydro – for a slightly easier catch.

The end result is a completely reimagined paddling sensation that will feel smoother, easier and ultimately – faster.

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