Meet the GWTF team

Nick discovered paddle boarding in 2014, and is now trying to introduce the sport to as many people as possible

Nick Judd: instructor, and founder of Go With The Flo

A surfer of questionable ability, Nick tried paddleboarding for the first time during a lesson in Henley in 2014. It was love at first attempt! He quickly got his own board, and since then his passion for the sport has continued to grow. He now enters as many races and events as possible, and is hopeful there’ll be some events to entering 2021.

A BSUPA-qualified coach, Nick is now aiming to make paddleboarding accessible for as many people as possible regardless of their age, size or ability. Paddleboarding is more popular than ever and Go With The Flo continues to grow, but with that comes an increasing responsibility to not only ensure that everyone’s first experience is a safe and enjoyable one, but that those who want to continue their journey within the sport have a community that enables them to do so. We’re based in Wargrave, and we’re trying to build a community around the Thames in Berkshire that helps people connect through paddleboarding.

We’re also trying to do our bit to ensure the areas we use are kept clean, which is why we run Planet Patrol sessions.

Colin joined the Go With The Flo team in 2020 and is now spreading the word in East Sussex

Colin Hubbuck:

American football journalist Colin read a magazine article in 2013 that talked about a Seattle Seahawks player doing something called ‘paddleboarding’ from his ocean-front house, which was apparently good for the core. That nugget was locked away and three years later, Colin found Saltwater Safari down in Bude and a love affair was born.

After a trip up Bude Canal, he booked in for a second session that same week, this time in the sea off Summerleaze Beach. A further three years later, Colin completed his BSUPA Instructor course just in time for winter. Then when the season started up, the world shut down! Despite that, Colin was able to join forces with Nick last spring and summer as well as instructing for Active 360 on the Thames at Kew Bridge and out of Paddington Basin in Central London.

He moved to Rye in East Sussex before Christmas and can’t wait to share the joy of paddleboarding with as many people as possible when Go With The Flo Rye launches this spring. A keen (if not necessarily gifted) practitioner of yoga and tai chi, Colin is also a qualified personal trainer and boxing coach, so helping people have fun and get the most out of their time on the board are his top priorities.

Lesley discovered SUP in 2019 and she’s been addicted ever since! Now, she gets to combine her love of SUP with her skills as a Pilates instructor

Lesley Holloway: SUP Pilates instructor

A physiotherapy of 15 years, Lesley has also been teaching Pilates for six. And now, having found paddle boarding, she’s able to apply her Pilates ninja skills to a platform she loves, and her Pilates SUP sessions have been a natural progression.

Pilates combines low-impact flexibility and muscular control with endurance. It encourages good postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Lesley’s sessions are based opposite ‘the grassy knoll’ in Wargrave, and with the help of anchors attached to the boards to prevent guests floating off to Henley, she helps users improve their balance, flexibility and coordination.