IMG_3947GWTF proudly partners with Sandbanks SUP Style to ensure we have a range of boards designed to fit all shapes, sizes, and paddling habits.

Like us, Sandbanks is a family business and their ethos dovetails perfectly with ours, and their knowledge and customer service ensures that we know that our fleet of boards, and anyone who buys their boards through us, will be well looked after. We’ve been extremely impressed with the quality, shape, performance and durability of Sandbanks boards, which is why we’re happy to sell them to our community.

The Sandbanks Ultimate is our go-to all rounder. The size and shape means that those trying paddle boarding for the first time have a very solid board that enables progression due it’s shape. Sandbanks have worked hard on creating a shape that offers great stability while sacrificing as little straight-line speed as possible. The result is a board is a board that cuts through the water exceptionally well while still being incredibly easy to ride.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we also provide the Wave and Cruiser boards for kids and taller/larger paddlers respectively. We also provide kids’ paddles.

Health and safety, and COVID precautions
We’re currently taking extra precautions to keep you safe and well during the Coronavirus pandemic. Every paddle, board and buoyancy aid is disinfected before and after each use, and antibacterial hand wash is offered at the end of each session. 

The techie bit
Sandbanks have tested many grades of drop stitch and PVC and have found what they believe to be the strongest materials used in the industry. So, if you wanted to throw your board off a building or park your car on it, you could (best not though to void your warranty, eh!). The technology works by fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core, minimising the environmental impact while improving the structural integrity and longevity of the boards. Using Fusion not only reduces the weight of the board by 2kg but also makes it stronger and improves the rigidity, even at lower pressures.