Winter is coming…

6 ways to float your boat: PFDs and buoyancy aids for paddle boarding

Should you wear a PFD (personal floatation devices) when paddleboarding? And, if so, which one? Here, we explain the difference between the different sorts of bouyancy aids and which type could be best for you Whatever your paddleboarding or swimming ability, it pays to wear a PFD, particularly if you’re paddling alone. Of course, you’d […]

8 best apps for paddle boarding

One of the attractions of paddle boarding for many is being able to switch off from the world. No technology, and no distractions, other than the natural surroundings around us. However, your phone can be a very useful tool when you’re ‘on board’, and not just for taking Insta selfies. Here are our favourite and […]

The best local paddling routes you haven’t tried yet!

The River Thames can be high, fasten and wild at this time of year. However, don’t let this stop you, for there are some beautiful routes to be done. You’ll need your British Canoe Association licence and be careful to dress for the weather. Here are some of our favourite routes… KENNET & AVON CANALThe […]

What to wear when paddle boarding this winter

Winter is coming! One of the most common questions we’re asked is: ‘so, what do you do in winter?’ Well, apart from swapping salads for soups and roast dinners, we continue to paddle of course! We go all-year round and actually put in more miles in winter than we do in the summer, but key […]

Which paddle board should you buy?

The number of people who enjoy a session with us and who then go on to buy their own board is growing, which is brilliant. Our aim is to not only introduce the sport we love, but to enable people to be self sufficient to the extent that they can continue to paddle board with us or on […]

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